What we can do for you

Our solutions can transform the heart of your business. Capable of integrating with every process in your business, from a prospective customer phoning you to get a quote to tracking your goods as the courier delivers them, we can tie all your business information together – view a customer profile with a quick glance, or dig down into deep detail. Or, of course, we’re happy to help you with any IT project, large or small.

We offer end-to-end solution architecture and development: we can provide bespoke business intelligence software and the network to run it on; we can connect your new branch office at the other end of the country to your corporate network; we can work with your existing development team to develop your new online shop. Whetever your requirements, Crimson foundry can help your business run smoother.

When embarking on a new project, we start by listening and learning. Only once we understand your business and its needs do we offer advice – this way our solutions can provide a genuine benefit to your business. And as your business grows and changes, our solutions will grow and adapt with it.


Tie your business together

  • All your information in one place
  • Secure access from anywhere
  • Staff can see all relevant issues for a customer or an order
  • Increases efficiency between departments
  • Integrating point-of-sale, websites, and much more

Make more of your customers

  • Easily identify top spenders and marketing opportunities
  • Resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, increasing retention
  • Have all your customer's details and contact history at your fingertips

See everything at a glance

  • Define KPIs, with a dashboard showing the state of your business at a glance
  • Get alerts whenever there’s something you need to know
  • Drill down through the data right the way to individual transactions